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A Smooth Start: How to Quickly Respond to Client Needs

It all started with a message: “Hi, I need Injection Molded Ceiling Fan Magnet.”

Noticing the client’s phone number started with +91, I decided to contact them via WhatsApp for faster communication. Sure enough, the client quickly replied and detailed their requirements.

The client sent a photo of the dimensions of their current injection molded magnet. These dimensions were quite common, and I happened to have the same size injection molded magnet in our office. I immediately sent a photo of our product to the client. After verifying the details, the client requested 10 samples. Conveniently, we had them in stock, so after the client paid the sample fee, I shipped them out the next day.

So far, everything has been smooth. Now, I just need to wait for the client to test my samples.

Injection Molded Magnet
Injection Molded Magnet Sample

Why has it been so smooth? Because the dimensions of injection molded magnets are usually standard, I only needed to confirm the number of poles and the surface magnetic field. Unlike NdFeB magnets, which require consideration of grade, size, coating, and shape differences, making it less likely to have an exact match readily available.

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