Insights from the Ningbo Experience Exchange Seminar

On September 23, 2023, I had the privilege of attending an offline international trade experience exchange seminar in Ningbo. The keynote speaker for the event was Mike Wang, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in international trade. Despite having over a year of experience in the international trade industry, I recognized that there were still many areas where I needed improvement and continued learning to enhance my business capabilities.

The attendees of this exchange seminar comprised a diverse group, including business owners, managers, and international trade professionals. While we may have come from different cities, we all shared the common goal of elevating our individual or company’s level of expertise in international trade. It was evident that a few freight forwarders were also present, actively seeking business opportunities among the participants.

Many of us couldn’t help but notice that the international trade industry might not be as promising as it once appeared. So, how can one stand out in such challenging times? How can we enhance our strengths to avoid being overshadowed by market conditions? Mike Wang emphasized the importance of international trade professionals and companies engaging in high-tech, high-value-added, and high-threshold products or industries. However, I believe not everyone possesses the confidence and capability to meet these demanding requirements. This serves as a reminder that international trade professionals and companies alike must increase their own value and that of their companies. Identifying the pain points of client companies and offering solutions can help address their challenges effectively.

Regarding the enhancement of one’s own value, it is essential to possess a high level of expertise in the field. This encompasses not only communication skills (which can accelerate order and project completion, saving valuable time) but also an extensive knowledge of products to better serve customers.

This exchange seminar may have been just one among many in the field of international trade, but witnessing so many individuals dedicated to improving themselves and pushing their boundaries only further motivates me to strive for self-improvement and personal growth.

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