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Reconnecting with a Lost Client: A Surprising Turn of Events

This client was the first one I contacted right after the Chinese New Year in 2024. He wanted to purchase 2 million pieces of round ferrite magnets.

After the client informed me of their requirements, I immediately prepared a quotation for them. It was clear that the client was in a hurry to purchase these magnets. I suggested sending samples to ensure our products met their needs, but the client said it wasn’t necessary as long as I confirmed we could meet their standards. He also asked me to calculate the shipping details and costs.

It seemed the client was satisfied with our quotation. We even added each other on WeChat. The client asked if we allowed factory inspections, and I eagerly agreed, seeing it as a great trust-building opportunity. He confirmed their visit date to China, and I coordinated this with our factory.

Then, out of the blue, the client disappeared. Really, he vanished! I tried contacting them via LinkedIn, WeChat, and email but got no response.

I felt puzzled and wondered if there was a miscommunication. After two weeks with no contact, I thought he might have chosen another supplier.

But do you think the story ends there? Not at all!

About three months later, the client suddenly contacted me on LinkedIn. I was both surprised and delighted. The client explained that they had been ill and unable to handle work, so he hadn’t replied. Now, he asked me to quote again. After quoting, the client now wanted samples. The samples were ready three months ago! I quickly found the samples, took pictures, and told the client I could ship them out the next day. I asked, “Would you be willing to cover the shipping cost?” The client agreed, and I shipped the samples the following day.

Everything seemed smooth until the shipment ran into customs issues in Turkey. What was supposed to take 3 days now looked like it would take 4-5 days to resolve.

To be continued, haha 😄

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