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Travel-Jingdezhen, China

At the end of July, I embarked on a journey to Jingdezhen with friends I hadn’t seen in over a year. I often find myself pondering the essence of travel. For me, it’s about breaking away from the familiar. People tend to stick to routines, repeating the same actions day after day, week after week, or month after month. Perhaps it’s the same breakfast, the same park strolls, or the same work tasks. Over time, these behaviors become ingrained habits in our daily lives. While such routines can be beneficial for maintaining focus, they can also hinder us, stifling new emotions and curbing the sprouting of fresh ideas.

One way to evade this dilemma is by traveling. I’ve always held a deep fascination for unfamiliar cities, stoking my curiosity. Whether it’s the landscapes, the cuisine, or the people of a foreign city, my interest is always piqued. Although unfavorable experiences may occur along the way, the courageous spirit of trying new things is what leaves a lasting imprint. Driven by this curiosity, I carve out a weekend or holiday to embark on an adventure in a different city.

During the journey, as I distance myself from my daily work and the routines of life, the nerves that are usually wound tight begin to unwind. Perhaps, in a different setting, tackling intricate problems doesn’t seem as daunting as I once believed.

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