As magnets are widely used, let’s explore their relatively niche application from a female perspective.

Are you familiar with cat eye nail art? Let’s unveil the secret of cat eye nail art from the perspective of magnets.

Firstly, let’s understand What Is Magnetic Nail Polish? Essentially, by using a special type of polish containing magnetic particles, you can create your own nail art patterns with just a magnet tool.

So, the secret “weapon” of cat eye nail art lies in using a magnet to “activate” the magnetic particles in the polish. The magnet used here is a specially designed small magnet, usually rod-shaped or flat, of moderate size, making it easy to hold and operate.

During nail art design, this magnet is placed on the surface of the nail coated with cat eye gel or gel polish. By the action of magnetism, it can create a fascinating cat eye effect in the gel material. The magnet’s action can adjust the refraction of light, giving the gel a gemstone-like luster.

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