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Why Can 11 Magnets Be Stronger Than 12?

Have you ever seen a magnetic assembly where 11 magnets perform better than 12 magnets of the same size and performance? Recently, one of our customers experienced this with their magnetic base.

In theory, 11 magnets should not exhibit a stronger attraction than 12. If this happens, it could be due to “tolerance consistency.”

The most likely cause of this issue is the inconsistency in the depth of the holes in the steel part. These holes are typically made using CNC machining, and with several holes, it’s challenging to maintain uniform depth across all of them.

If the holes in the steel part are inconsistent, it affects the uniformity of the installed magnets. Even if one magnet protrudes by just 0.0x millimeters, it can significantly reduce the assembly’s overall pull force. This slight difference disrupts the magnetic field distribution, impacting the entire assembly’s effectiveness.

Additionally, to enhance the pull force of the assembly, you can try adjusting the magnetic pole arrangement. Typically, for maximum pull, these assemblies have magnets arranged in an N S N S pattern. However, you can also consider arranging the magnets in an N N N N pattern, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

Hope this blog helps others tackle similar challenges and optimize their magnetic assemblies.

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