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Why Did Our N42 Magnet’s BHmax Fail?

Recently, after shipping out one of our N42 magnets, the customer noticed an issue in the inspection report and emailed us to inquire about it.

In the inspection report, both the Br and Hcj values met the magnet grade performance standards. However, the BHmax value did not comply, causing the customer to worry about whether the magnet’s performance met their requirements.

After thoroughly verifying with the factory, we discovered that the BHmax discrepancy was due to different sample sizes used for standard samples of the magnet blanks, which led to varying BHmax test results. In reality, the magnet’s performance is consistent with N42 standards.

After providing a detailed explanation to the customer, they felt reassured about the quality of our magnets. Additionally, we assured them that we would take steps to prevent similar issues in the future.

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